All finishes, even the hardest finishes in the world, will scratch! Please LIFT ALL FURNITURE INTO PLACE!
Do not drag, pull, or slide it across your newly finished floors. Once the piece is in place, it is acceptable to use things like furniture sliders, but still a risk of scratching. Do not slide a heavy or large piece of furniture into place.

Terms and Conditions Statement

Mr. Sandless® and its service technicians agree to perform the specified service in a professional manner using reasonable care to obtain satisfactory results. The Mr. Sandless service is limited in attaining the best results due top re-existing conditions found in the floor being serviced. Every floor is unique in the type of wood it is made of and the amount of wear, stain, use, and work it has endured. Our goal is to make your floor look its best under the conditions that we find it in. Upon completion of all work performed by Mr. Sandless there may be a touch up needed on the following: baseboards, quarter round, walls, appliances, and kick plates, etc., Mr. Sandless is not responsible for any of these issues. Listed below are some of the pre-existing conditions which are most commonly encountered for which we disclaim liability and for which the customer agrees not to hold us responsible:

A: Paint in and on the floor including but not limited to: small paint splatters, large chips, spills, accidental and
intentional painting, and any paint sealed under any type of floor finish. While our service will remove most if not all of the paint, occasionally paint beyond what we are able to remove will remain on the floor.

B: Scratches on the floor boards or finish, including but not limited to: cuts from a carpet installation or removal,
scratches created by moving furniture, scratches created by pets or animals, or scratches created over time through overall use. Our goal is to eliminate or make all scratches less visible, but the severity and depth of scratch damage may limit our overall result.

C: Problem areas including but not limited to: sun damage, uneven or discolored wood stains or floor finishes,
peeling and cracking floor finishes, excessive wear and wood damage, excessive moisture damage including pet stains, warped boards and gapping, natural gapping due to seasonal expansion and contraction of real wood flooring, and cracked, damaged wood boards.

D: The color of your floor may lighten or darken as a result of our service depending on the conditions we
encounter, the type of floor being serviced, and any previous refinishing work that may have been performed. Our service will normally bring out the natural color and tone of your floor, but a change in either is an expected result of our service.

If utilizing our Dustless Refinishing Service, these terms and conditions apply:
Although you can choose a stain color, it may look slightly different on your floor than in a picture and will certainly have variations due to the differences in individual boards, lighting and even wall color. Once a stain color is applied there is no turning back and the only way to fix this is to reservice the floor again which will be an additional charge.

F: If removing trim, we will try to keep the trim in good condition so that it can be replaced. However, depending on the age of the trim, the material, and how it was installed, this is not always possible. Extra cost will be incurred in these instances. We recommend simply replacing the trim with new material during the refinishing.

G: The Mr. Sandless Dustless service is meant to keep your home as clean as possible during the sanding process utilizing the best equipment. However, it is common that a small amount of dust escapes the vacuum systems. This is most common in tight areas and staircases. We always do our best to keep this to a minimum, but please keep in mind that the service is Dustless not dust free.

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*Some services are not offered at every location. Contact your local dealer for more information.

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